Yana’s Journey

Yana’s Journey

Yana started on this path almost 20 years ago as someone who was fascinated with movement.  She was drawn to and studied movement such as classical ballet and runway walking, and she felt that there was a link between how a person moves, how they walk and stand (their non-verbal communication), and how they truly felt inside.

She spent years working with students on their body movements, trying to fix their walk, their posture in order to influence how they felt inside.  This helped people connect to themselves better, yet there was still something missing.

After years of working with both students and herself, Yana developed a method of transformation that involves properly combining tools for body awareness and feelings, tapping into subconscious, and aligning with the physical body to feel balanced and connected on all levels.  It’s an organic approach to personal development, working with Mind, Body, and Soul as a means to connect to yourself more deeply, to find your own inner truth, and to move forward in your life aligned more fully to your purpose.

Today, Yana uses this method to help others through private coaching sessions, workshops, and group Intensive programs.  She also continues to bring awareness of the importance of body language and non-verbal communication to the public through speaking engagements, article features, and TV appearances.

Many of her media appearances focus on a topic very near to her heart, bringing awareness to the prevalence of bullying and how body awareness can help through improving how children feel about themselves.  As someone who was bullied herself as a child, it’s important for her to spread this message and to provide hands on tools that parents can use with their children to improve their confidence.