Body language comprises almost 80% of human communication


Body language comprises almost 80% of human communication. It plays a huge rule in all business and social situations. When conflict is apparent between the spoken word and the messages the body sends out, the body language is the stronger and people tend to believe the message they see rather than the one they hear. In this case, I think it is very important to understand your personal abilities when you feel that life is hitting you hard.

To understand how to achieve optimum performance It is the personal challenge of striving for balance and harmony in the key areas of our Cognition, Emotional and Physiological functioning. It is crucial for us as work professionals and humans to understand the abilities of our personality.

Brain –Body connection impacts behavior. Understanding your perceptions will make you be more aware of people around you .Therefore will bring to you more understanding about who you are as a person which will help you to accept others in the same way you except yourself.