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I was a nervous wreck before I started with Yana and she helped me gain confidence and got me to be less anxious. I never thought I would be able to stop biting my nails and after a couple of months of working with Yana I stopped completely (and we never even specifically talked about that, it just happened). What she does is crazy effective.



Yana is a great coach! But besides that she is a great woman, teacher, educator, she supports, she motivate, inspire, put all her efforts in you. My experience with Yana and her School of Walk was amazing. Thanks to Yana I have discovered new Me. I became more confident, stronger, self-motivated, feel more beautiful and successful. My family and friends noticed all these changes in the way I walked and my new posture. I work as a professional model now. I recommend her school to all the girls and women not just to become a model but to change their lives for good!


Seleen Wright

Enrolling my daughter in Yana’s School of Walk was one of the best decisions I made for my daughter. I noticed a significant difference in my daughter’s self-esteem and confidence level as she progressed through Yana’s classes. Yana genuinely cares for her students and she puts here heart and soul into her work. My daughter loved going to her classes! Yana’s teachings have help my daughter transform from being withdrawn and bullied to being confident about herself, more social and able to stand up for herself. Just remarkable!



My experience with Yana has literally been life changing. I started classes and private one-on-one sessions while dealing with a great deal of anxiety and fears. The classes have allowed me to know myself and to look within to discover and grow as a calm, confident woman. Combined with classes, the one-on-one Skype sessions have helped me to let go of anxiety and fears and to feel empowered in my communication and actions. Yana’s method and approach are unique, as she guides her clients to discover and shine from within.



Yana is a wise woman, a mentor, a coach, an educator, and an enlightened being to boot. Her presence in my life has been transformative, and she seems to know where I need to go before I do; she has been an inspiration … and there are too few of those in life. All of her work is also immensely practical, and has added value to every minute of my day. I am grateful beyond measure for what she has brought and continues to bring to my life!



I’ve been a student of Yana German several years ago. I had the best experience of my life. I can tell that everyone needs this classes. I discovered new me- more confident, more beautiful, more successful. And this success I’ve experienced and continue experience now in all aspects of my life. Nobody work like Yana. She gives you a some sort of inner power. she passionate about what she is doing. I think that’s why she does it perfectly. you can ask anyone, who been with her , they will tell you she is special and what she is doing also special.