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Olya Marynets

The confidence i have learned from Yana’s classes I can definitely say determined my future skills in my professional life so my personal. Yana’s biggest assets is to teach people to recognize the importance of their body image.



I originally met Yana German while interning with Lily’s Talent Agency. Her honesty, determination, and positive spirit drew me in immediately. I grew up in and out of hospitals and had always felt a loss of control because of my personal experiences. When I started with Yana, I thought I was going to learn how to present myself on a daily basis, gain some extra self-confidence, and learn how to take care of my body and mind. I was a perfectionist, had trouble with change and had this fear that always sat in the back of my mind. Yana taught me how to admit the truth, relax, and calm my body and mind. Now, as a graduate of her class.



I completed Yana’s program almost a year ago. It helped me tremendously with my posture, body image and of course confidence . I discovered how powerful it is to walk and look straight in your eyes in the mirror ( uncomfortable at first). My daughters also singed for a program, both bullied at school, specially my older one .During this time she was getting ready for High School. She was terrified to move to a new environment ,but after few months she told me:”…Mom if not Yana’s school ,I would not be able to do the transition so smoothly “.