Confidence Makes the Difference for Yana German’s Chicago Students


How confident you feel can be a major part of how your life goes. Confidence that is genuine is built on reality. It is now known that not only does your body language show how you feel but how you feel is affected by your body language. Learn more…
( — February 11, 2014) Chicago, Illinois — I had the opportunity to interview Yana German in Chicago about what she does and teaches. Initially I thought this would be about her teaching modeling but came to find that my preconceived ideas about who Yana is, why she does what she does and how she does it is something special.

When you talk with Yana German you feel how passionate she is about her students. Her students are primarily young ladies in their teens and twenties but as you look further you find she has students of all ages.

John: “Yana, I see that you teach young ladies. Are you teaching them to be models?”

Yana: “Some of these young ladies are models, have done some modeling work or would like to. I do help models and aspiring models but that is far from all that I do.”

John: “Do you work with modeling agencies?”

Yana: “Yes, I am currently working with several modeling agencies and have been for many years. I do in-house training in the areas such as runway/posing technique/public speaking skills and assist in proper body positioning for professional photographer shoots. These are elements a model must have in a successful portfolio.”

John: “What do you do and how did you come to teach this?”

Yana: “I have a background in ballet from Russia. I also did fashion design, modeling, ballroom dancing, Pilates and yoga. I know how it feels to feel insecure, physically unattractive, uncomfortable and unhappy with who I am. I noticed and came to realize that when I walked and moved in particular ways I felt more confident. I also found that I felt better in my body and my body felt better.”

John: “Yana you don’t particularly teach modeling but what you teach helps models and from what I am hearing builds confidence. Is there something about you and what you teach and do that is different or special?”

Yana: “I believe there is. I have an extensive background in dance, movement and fashion. I found that posture and how you hold your body as you walk affects how you feel and very much how you feel about yourself. That is true no matter the person’s age. It is as true for a 66-year-old as for a 16-year-old.”

John: “Interesting you say that as there is video by Harvard Professor Amy Cuddy – Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are. It affects our brain chemistry, psychology, mental and physical health. She talks about how our body language can affect whether we feel anxious, nervous, and fearful and a failure or calm, confident and successful.”

Yana: “Yes, that is what came to me. Posture, body positions, how we walk and move are not just for show. I personally found that how I walked affected my confidence. It went up. My health got better. Being more self-assured I met more people and made better business contacts. I started having more students. I have parents see me that want to support their daughters feel better about themselves and so their daughters become my students.”

John: “Do they come in with hopes of being a model?”

Yana: “Some do and some are models now. They each have their own reasons for coming. Corporate women come as they realize how important how they present themselves is. That can make a huge difference in a career. Women like high heels but walking in them is not so easy. I have students that are all ages including in their forties and fifties that want to dress up and feel more comfortable, pretty and confident.”

“You mention parents coming to you.”

Yana: “I have been fortunate to meet some wonderful parents. They support their daughters. They see how much I care about my students. They see and feel that I really care about them as people, as young ladies. Many of these beautiful young ladies have no idea how beautiful they are.”

John: “I noticed that. I spoke with some of your students about what they got out of your teaching. I was amazed when I asked how they felt about themselves. They spoke of before and after Yana. Many said before Yana they felt anxious and self conscious in social situations, doing presentations and in situations where attention was on them. This caused them to avoid school activities, academic and social opportunities and situations. They all said you gave them self confidence and self esteem right away. Why would you say that happens?”

Yana: “I feel they feel my passion. I love what I do. I want to transform every lady into the swan that she is. I feel every lady, all of them are beautiful. I believe this in my heart. It is a calling for me. I feel so happy when my ladies glide across the room, when their eyes light up because they feel beautiful inside and out.”

John: “How does one join your program?

Yana: “The first step is to schedule a consultation to see where you are and what areas you would wish to improve on are. I even have a guarantee.”

John: “A guarantee?”

Yana: “My method is 100% guaranteed to change their standing, walking, moving skills and so change their life.”

John: “Wow. I feel better just talking with you. Your presence and energy is contagious. I am so happy I got to meet you and learn more. Your students love you. I can see that. I look for people that are artists and people that transform others. I feel I have met one in you. I would definitely recommend people contact you to learn more.”