December 2018 Weekend Intensive

Are you ready take 

control of your life?


Join Yana for an immersive experience in the nature of Michigan from December 6th – 9th, 2018.

What is a Weekend Intensive?

Yana’s Weekend Intensives are where a small group of women come together to learn hands on tools and knowledge that they can take into their daily life.  They are designed to create a true symbiosis of mind, body, and spirit. The knowledge that is shared is followed by exercises to make sure that the new data is fully integrated into the body, making for a very practical and tangible learning experience.  They are powerful and life changing experiences, creating significant shifts for each woman who attends and providing her with tools that she can immediately implement into her life.


What should you expect from the December Weekend Intensive?

The December 2018 Weekend Intensive will focus on the topic: “Hearing the Universe”. You are supported much more than you realize.  Learn how to see and feel this support around you – and leave the weekend feeling more guarded, protected, and mainly, NOT alone. Are you ready?

This Weekend Intensive will help you:

  • Change your perspective
  • Understand your purpose
  • Regain your power
  • Find your voice
  • Understand your worth
  • Take charge of your own feelings
  • Feel more confident in your own skin
  • Confront your weaknesses and turn them into strategies
  • Learn how to handle day to day stress and solve problems with ease
  • Understand the universal coding of money and how to attract abundance
  • Develop the ability to read and understand others’ non-verbal communication
  • Eliminate physical discomfort
  • Become more comfortable communicating with people of different backgrounds
  • Understand how to hear and interpret the signs and symbols that are around you every day.

Hosted in a luxury, 7 bedroom lakefront house with private beach access, this quiet wooded location has amazing views of Lake Michigan.  Floor to ceiling windows allow you to take in the beauty of the outdoors while staying warm inside – making this house the perfect space for learning how to Hear the Universe.  The house is located approximately an hour and a half from Downtown Chicago.




Cost & Payment Options

This Weekend Intensive includes:

  • Accommodations – Private rooms with shared bathrooms in a luxury, lakefront home.
  • Meals – We feed the body as well as the spirit, with nourishing meals, plenty of indulgent snacks, and warming teas.  Special diets can be accommodated
  • Structured training – Each Intensive includes between 25-50 hours of structured training per weekend.
  • On-site coaching as needed

Yana is on site and present for the duration of the experience, which includes between 25 – 50 hours of structured training per weekend.


Special offer of $1985 for first time students only on this introductory course now through November 25th. Only 2 spaces available. Contact Yana to join.

A 50% deposit is due immediately upon booking, with the remaining 50% due by November 15th. If booked after November 15th, the entire amount will be due upon booking. Payments are non-refundable. However, there is a money back guarantee if you attend the Intensive and are not satisfied.


Contact Yana to Join


“I attend Yana’s Weekend Intensives for my personal growth. It is a commitment I have made to myself to keep growing and learning and pushing my potential. I am excited and eager to gain knowledge of myself and the universe. I am working on finding my voice and knowing that I can depend on my own strengths to get me through any situation. In the past, I have dealt with a lot of anxiety and I am now able to face it, confront it and release it. There is endless potential. The empowered feeling I have from the other retreats is inspiring me to do whatever I need to do to be there as it serves my highest good.”

-Lisa, Chicago IL