” Increase your personal magnetism and power “

No matter where you are in life, utilizing nonverbal communication skills for guaranteed success in life is crucial for clients of all ages. From navigating the transition to middle school and high school, building self-esteem and confidence, to landing that job interview, the sky is the limit for all ages.

Not far from the city of Chicago lies. The School of Walk, the fastest-growing self-confidence training program in the area. Established in 1996, The School of Walk prides itself on providing highly personalized instruction to drastically improve student’s confidence and professional image through body language, posture, self-image and strategic life coaching. The founder of School of Walk, Yana German, has trained thousands of men and women in her 13 years of teaching. The School of Walk Mission is to create an environment in which students of all ages can become the best versions of themselves by testing their own limits, understanding their non-verbal communication cues, and developing abundant amounts of self-love and self-esteem.
Students from all over the US have sought out. The School of Walk to build self-confidence and empowerment to create positive change. They’ve benefited from understanding how their posture and proper body alignment creates a platform for a more balanced and confident persona. Students discovered confidence through strategic walking techniques, and a sense of inner power through a unique blend of life coaching and body language intensives.
Designed to GUARANTEE success for anyone who is interested in changing their life. The School of Walk helps individuals discover their own hidden talent by learning how to treasure their own uniqueness and spirit, while at the same time learning to present themselves in a professional and confident way. Regardless of whom you are and what goals you’ve set for yourself, the personal transformation of the “Yana Difference” at The School of Walk creates a positive impact that lasts for life.