Experience the Yana difference


Every time Yana enters her classroom to teach, she sees herself in her student’s eyes: eager to learn, to be at peace, and to succeed. There was a time where she was just a student of self-love herself. Attempting to overcome fears and insecurities, and embarking on a journey to achieve all the personal and professional goals she’s set for herself.

As a bullying victim throughout junior high and high school, she was teased and harassed almost daily .The harassment from her classmates lead to a slew of anxiety troubles and transferring high schools. Riddled with the struggle of depressive thoughts inspired from her peers, Yana spent a lot of her pre-teen and teen years lacking what many are still set out to find: self-love.

Yana started learning little by little how to be more comfortable in her skin through the help of movement. She experienced her own self-love awakening while training in classical ballet and ballroom dancing. Dance and movement has always been a way to express herself throughout her life, especially during her hard times of insecurities.

Now, it’ Yana’s mission to touch the lives of those who are going through this similar experience, and to show students that the only person that dictates confidence is yourself.