yana german

Yana German uses over 10 years of experience as a body language and image expert to help individuals experience a positive transformation from within. As a mother, mentor and coach, Yana understands that our communities and all of its members need to be supported and empowered to not only walk with confidence, but be confident in every aspect of their lives. Having studied many forms of movement, Yana recognizes the importance of body awareness and how it strengthens an individual physically, emotionally, and mentally.
Yana uses walking as an organic solution for achieving self-confidence, improving Self-esteem and posture, and improving overall body image. Yana combine’s mind body and soul techniques to provide a holistic approach to personal development.

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All programs are facilitated in both private and group settings that are intimate, highly curated and focused on each individual. Yana motivates and inspires her students to
transform their own lives and develop healthy self-esteem that could provide them with endless opportunities both in their personal and professional lives.

No matter the method, The School of Walk offers an incredible program that values a lifechanging
curriculum and guarantees results!