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“I’ve always been captivated by movement.”

Yana German uses over 10 years of experience as a body language and image expert to help individuals experience a positive transformation from within. As a mother, mentor and coach, Yana understands that our communities and all of its members need to be supported and empowered to not only walk with confidence, but be confident in every aspect of their lives. Having studied many forms of movement, Yana recognizes the importance of body awareness and how it strengthens an individual physically, emotionally, and mentally.
Yana uses walking as an organic solution for achieving self-confidence, improving Self-esteem and posture, and improving overall body image. Yana combine’s mind body and soul techniques to provide a holistic approach to personal development.

She employs a propriety instructional method which focuses on the critical component of 4-inch heels and their positive impact on the Catwalk. This technique transforms “a walk” into an art form of intentional, harmoniously flowing movement known throughout the fashion industry as the “Yana Difference.”

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” Discovering your own true potential “

Self-doubt is the number one road block we come across when it comes to achieving our goals. Yana German’s intensive programs will help you break free from those barriers and embrace the best version of yourself so that you can exude confidence in any situation.
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Ulyana tretyak

Ulyana Tretyak

I am so happy with my experience with Yana and school of walk. It Changed how I feel about myself as a mother ..Read more



My teenage daughter started working with Yana on an individual basis and through her School of Walk. What ..Read more


Olya Marynets

The confidence i have learned from Yanas classes i can definitely say determined my future skills in my professional..Read more



Yana is an exceptional life coach who helped both myself and my daughter achieve goals we did not think were not possible ..Read more

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Online Consultation


“Working with Yana via Skype is a very efficient and effective process. You feel like you are in the same room together. In fact, it is even better than in person where you are generally sitting a distance away from the person and you don’t have a lot of direct eye contact. Working with Yana via Skype means that you have a close visual connection. In addition, it is easy to move the computer around if there is a need to have Yana view how you walk. Equally important is that you can have a very production session without having to drive or leave you home! No wasted travel time.”

Private 1-on-1 skype consults for clients all over the world

“Want to achieve proper body alignment, gain balance and harmony, as well as connect to your purpose? Want to do all that in the privacy of your home? Then Skype sessions are right for you! During the session you will work one on one with Yana to understand the secrets behind body language, explore what others see when you walk, and how your walk reflects your inner state. When you are done, you will be able to embrace your inner power, release your fears and be well on your way to reaching your highest potential!”


Skyping is a great experience and the knowledge you gained from it is priceless,in a privacy of your own home you will be able to become to self-determined which is a huge step forward torch achieving my goal.if you feel like you are not moving anywhere in your life,Yana sessions with you will show you an exact way of how to achieve your inner greatness which will lead you the life you always wanted to live.

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Education for all ages to achieve confidence

” Increase your personal magnetism and power “

No matter where you are in life, utilizing nonverbal communication skills for guaranteed success in life is crucial for clients of all ages. From navigating the transition to middle school and high school, building self-esteem and confidence, to landing that job interview, the sky is the limit for all ages.
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Private consulting to help you live a life you love

” Increase your personal magnetism and power “

You’re ready for a paradigm shift, and Yana will help you achieve it. With Yana’s private consultations, each program is curated for client’s unique needs. With Yana’s help, you will transform your outlook on life and help you turn your dreams into reality

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12 lessons

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