Spring Weekend Intensive

Realize the Power Within You: Understand & Shift Your Energy

March 14 – 17, 2019 in Southwest Michigan

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Your body, your energy speaks louder than your words.  It shows who you truly are and how you truly feel.  It shows where you’re headed in life and where you’re stuck.  It alters people’s perception of you.  It impacts you on every level.

Yana can see you.  She can read you.  And she can help you change in a special way.  She is able to reveal the best qualities in you, helping you realize your own strength, find your inner confidence, and develop unconditional love for yourself through changes in energy and movement, through physio-energetic shifts.  This her unique gift from above.

Her students are ambitious people who want more in their lives and who understand how deeply the influence of energy and subconscious effects their world.

Yana’s Weekend Intensives are a rare opportunity to connect with her in order to learn who you are, to understand how and why your life doesn’t always go as planned, and to see where you are blocked.

Just 4 days will change you and your life.  Guaranteed.


What is a Weekend Intensive?

Yana’s Weekend Intensives are where a small group of women come together to learn hands on tools and knowledge that they can take into their daily life.  They are designed to create a true symbiosis of mind, body, and spirit. The knowledge that is shared is followed by exercises to make sure that the new data is fully integrated into the body, making for a very practical and tangible learning experience.  They are powerful and life changing experiences, creating significant shifts for each woman who attends and providing her with tools that she can immediately implement into her life.


Why Attend Yana’s Weekend Intensive?

The Weekend Intensive will help you:

  • Connect with your physio-energetic body & understand the signals that your body sends you
  • Learn to heal yourself through energetic shifts
  • Take charge of your life, becoming the cause not the effect
  • Change your perspective
  • Understand your purpose
  • Regain your power
  • Find your voice
  • Understand your worth
  • Take charge of your own feelings
  • Feel more confident in your own skin
  • Confront your weaknesses and turn them into strengths
  • Handle day to day stress & solve problems with ease
  • Read & interpret others’ non-verbal communication
  • Become more comfortable communicating with people of different backgrounds


What is Included in the Weekend Intensive?

  • Accommodations – Private or Shared rooms with shared bathrooms in a luxury home.
  • Meals – We feed the body as well as the spirit, with nourishing meals, plenty of indulgent snacks, and warming teas.  Special diets can be accommodated.
  • Structured training – Each Intensive includes between 25-50 hours of structured training per weekend.
  • On-site coaching as needed

Yana is on site and present for the duration of the experience, which includes between 25 – 50 hours of structured training per weekend.

Cost & Payment Options

Cost varies depending on your specific requests for accommodations (shared or private bedroom, shared or private bathroom).  Payment options are available.

Payments are non-refundable.  However, there is a money back guarantee if you attend the Weekend Intensive and are not satisfied.

Click Here to Contact Yana about Attending the Weekend Intensive

What Past Attendees are Saying…

“It’s definitely challenging.  But I think it pushes you so far to your possibilities and just makes you feel so good afterwards.  Full of knowledge.  Full of confidence.  Full of empowerment.  I would highly recommend it!”    -Lisa, Illinois

“I’ve changed in ways that I didn’t think were possible.  The universe just continues to expand for me.  It’s an unbelievable experience.”    -Stacy, Iowa

“It’s really good opportunity to take a step back from yourself, your life & your problems & to look at them from a different perspective.  It’s empowering & I’m excited to see the changes in myself & my life!”    -Melissa, Illinois

“It’s a great opportunity to discover who you are.”    -Seleen, Illinois